Video marketing services are just so important for successful SEO. Videos attract more than plain text. If your web page were to carry only text content, there’s every possibility that the reader would just go through a few lines at the top unless you’ve arranged the content under subheadings to break it up. But if you’ve got a video in your page that describes what your content talks about, it gets viewed for sure and helps you convey your point better. It could help lead to calls to action faster.

Why Video Marketing Is So Effective

When you post videos on your social networking pages and YouTube, they get seen by a number of people if they are informative and interesting at the same time. Not only that, they get shared extensively, multiplying your marketing efforts, improving your visibility, and driving more traffic to your page. The greater the traffic to your web pages, the higher your rankings could be. Google also places a good deal of importance on interactive content such as videos and infographics in its search result pages, in order to give a better and more fulfilling experience to users. No matter how you look at it, videos are essential.

Amazing Stats

There are stats to prove that healthcare video marketing can be effective for you:

  • Cisco claims that 69% of all Internet traffic of consumers this year will be taken up by video.
  • According to Nielsen, 64% of marketers who participated in its survey claim that video marketing will be dominating their strategies.
  • The Guardian states that YouTube receives over a billion unique visitors each month, which is more than every other social network out there except Facebook.
  • HubSpot says that click-through rates of emails are boosted by 200% to 300% if videos are added
  • Other studies suggest that just having the word “video” in an email’s subject line could result in a significant reduction in the number of un-subscribers and a massive increase in click-through rates, and the chances of the email being opened and read by the intended people.
  • Twitter says that most of the retweets made by its users involve photos and videos.
  • HubSpot also claims that 64% of customers will be likelier to buy something online by watching its video

Short-form videos on mobile platforms such as Vine and Instagram are particularly effective. Combining video and mobile marketing could just bring about amazing results and should therefore be integral elements of medical marketing services.

For a medical practice, hospital or medical equipment manufacturer it is all the more important to incorporate videos in their web pages and social networking pages particularly YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. An experienced video marketing company in Long Island can offer you video marketing services are essential for your practice.