Medical software development including mobile apps has increased alongside the constantly growing medical requirements. Custom made mobile apps are smart, highly functional and easy to use. They help cut healthcare costs and provide patients with the best results. Advanced technology allows providers of mobile SEO services to create customized web applications that offer an intuitive interface and excellent experience to the user whether patients, medical team members or lab technicians.

Today, many organizations face lack of funding and in-house expertise. Since technology offers new opportunities for business growth and provides a memorable user experience, healthcare businesses are eager to invest in such expertise. Outsourcing mobile app development to a reliable vendor is one way to cut app development cost without compromising the quality of the apps.

All Major Companies Are Outsourcing

As per a recent report by Gartner, outsourcing talent already surpassed the global benchmark of $524.4 billion in 2015 with IT services outsourcing occupying the major share. A global outsourcing survey 2016 by Deloitte revealed that:

  • 35 percent of respondents mentioned that outsourcing brings about innovation
  • 45 percent said that an outsourcing centre helped solve the global  capacity  issues
  • 28 percent mentioned that outsourcing expanded access to intellectual capital
  • 29 percent highlighted  global scalability
  • Despite the common productivity stigma around outsourcing, 20 percent of respondents stated that it allowed them to improve efficiency.

Outsourcing mobile app development would also help reduce cost and provide access to more experienced developers while enhancing consumer experience.

Considerations When Outsourcing Web App Development

  • Avoid lowest offers: When it comes to software development, medical businesses should never go for a low fare service provider. If you choose the lowest bid, you are very likely to receive a product created by amateurs that may not be worth the money you spend on it. When considering pricing, take into account factors such as what services are included in the quote, average hourly rate for developers, the company’s portfolio and reputation, and the proposed payment plan.
  • Go for an agile approach: Agile methodology for software development provides more transparency to the outsourcing process. It provides plenty of time to assess the quality of code and ensure that you are outsourcing to the right vendor. It also helps you watch how your product vision comes to life. Agile teams are more flexible when you need to make tweaks and changes in product direction during the project.
  • Give ownership: If you are outsourcing to a reliable and professional vendor then feel free to assign entire ownership of your codebase. Before doing so, have all the required legal documents and NDAs signed. This will reduce delays related to merging different versions of your web and backend applications produced by different developers in different time zones.
  • Create an efficient communication funnel: Efficient communication and timely feedback are very essential when outsourcing web app development. It is important to have a routine meet up or call to ensure that both the parties are on the same page. Choose the right type of reporting and communication tools such as JIRA, Basecamp, Trello, Skype and GoToMeeting that allow perfect organizations of all files, have excellent project tracking functionality, and allow video conferencing and visual project management.

When choosing a company providing medical SEO and other related services such as mobile app development, make sure that there is open communication right from the beginning of your project. Your product goals and expectations should be made clear to your vendor. You need to understand the technology they plan to use and how it is the best choice for your particular project.