Healthcare SEO and social media optimization for healthcare have become highly significant in the current scenario with an increasing number of people relying on the internet for healthcare information. As digitization becomes more and more integrated into healthcare,hospitals and other healthcare providers, and medical businesses are beginning to realize the importance of health content marketing. Social media has become a vital factor in everyone’s lives and medical businesses now use social media marketing techniques to connect with their prospective patients and consumers. Globalization is breaking down walls, and you need to have a strong centralized global presence and also adapt your brand to local markets.

Charting New Territories for Local Marketing

An important message in this regard was given at the Marketing Technologist Forum 2017 held in London in March. The message is “devising a social media marketing strategy for a global audience is not as simple as translating your tweets.” According to Tim McLoughlin, head of social media at, a global brand needs a unified social media marketing aim, but not necessarily a unified campaign because each region is different. He spoke about the language barrier and how they had to adopt various strategies to meet the specific cultural requirements of different regions. They had to review their entire social media marketing strategy.

For global and national medical brands, marketing is globally and nationally driven and therefore going global means going local. McLoughlin also pointed out how different regions were accessible only through channels that were unfamiliar to the western world.

For example, Line is the popular social media application in Asia and other parts of Middle East, which is similar to Whatsapp and Snapchat. had to use this new platform to reach new markets. Line has official and unwritten rules governing marketing best practices, just like any other social network. This was another obstacle had to overcome before engaging with their new target market. In short, the example shows that going global would mean going local.

Another example is that of Pinterest. When Pinterest switched its focus to overseas territories, it realized that translating their pages was not enough to attract new customers because language barrier was the least of their problems. The problem lay in localizing the content.  The major focus was to tailor the content according to the needs of every culture and region they wanted to reach. Their platform had to be customized on a more granular level. They identified the right solution, namely, to reconfigure how their on-site discovery engine worked to rank local content. This enabled them to provide content in the users’ native tongue in particular countries. At the same time, users wouldn’t be exposed to content that did not line up with their cultural background. This customization process would be a continuous one, and Pinterest will have to modify their strategy each time it wants to target a new country.

Tailoring Social Media Campaigns with Digital Marketing services

Social media campaigns need to be tailored to each culture and region if businesses want to engage with new audiences and convert them to customers. The correct approach can no doubt, remove all the barriers between businesses and untouched markets. When focusing on digital marketing for healthcare business, remember that localization can work wonders for your organization, whereas efforts to impose your company culture on foreign cultures can prove damaging.